Jerez 2014 European Wine City

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Everything is ready for you to enjoy an unforgettable stay in Jerez, universally known for its wines, its horses and flamenco.

In this Andalusia city, which offers unique attractions, you will find an incomparable wine offer, especially this year in which Jerez becomes capital of Spanish wines in Europe.

When it comes to Jerez de la Frontera, we talk about one of the most important wine regions in Spain with a long tradition in different sherries, brandy variations and vinegar production.

Most important is the Jerez (Sherry), with is made in a large variety of categories and tastes and made from different grapes.
Liqueur wines (Vinos Generosos) are defined in the regulation of the Regulatory Council as dry wines (with a maximum of 5 g/l residual sugar). Processing includes a complete fermentation of grape must in -usually Palomino. Within these wine types we find Fino, Amontillado, Olorosa and Palo Cortado.

Brandy from Jerez is different from other brandies due to its particular characteristics; primarily to its traditional system of elaboration, the characteristics of the vessels of wood where the ageing process occurs and the weather conditions of this exclusive geographical area in which it is made.

The ageing process occurs in barrels of American oak of 500 liters, being seasoned with some of the types of Sherry (Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso, Pedro Ximénez, etc.).

We organize themed tours in Spain being Jerez and Cadiz some of your tailor made programs for your clients.

Last but not least Jerez de la Fronteras is very well know as well, for its vinegars.
Vinegar, from the French “vin aigre” (sour wine), is a product obtained by the action of the acetic bacteria on a hydro-alcoholic solution. Vinegar from any foods that ferment alcohol may occur. That is why there are apple, beet, rice vinegars and, of course, wine.
The history of sherry vinegar is intimately linked to the history of wines from the frame, dating back to 3,000 B.C.E.. The first traces correspond to Phoenician sailors who arrived in the region of Jerez bringing wines planted on their albarizas lands, leaving as proof of its wine producing activity a winepress that is still preserved.

Absolutely ESpain ,your destination management company in Spain, encourages you to discover our Sherry and the universe that surrounds our ancient wines through a unique experience for your senses. For this special event we have prepared a very special program for your clients.

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