Don’t mount a chicken during your next incentive in Spain

Posted on 19 July, 2016 at 9:06 am by Team Comments Off on Don’t mount a chicken during your next incentive in Spain

Montar un pollo – to mount a chicken! Obviously no one really rides the chicken here. This expression is used when someone makes a loud and very unnecessary complaint about something thinking the louder he gets the more right he is.

No te comes la cabeza – don’t eat your head! Don’t worry (about something).

No tiene abuela – he has no grandmother! This is used when someone talks very highly of himself. As we all know to a grandmother her grandchildren are the best, the most intelligent, the most fine-looking etc. even if it’s not necessarily true.

To know this sayings could help you during your next event or incentive in Spain and Absolutely ESpain DMC brings you nearer to the real spanish culture.

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