Spanish sayings to use during your incentives in Spain

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So, what has the milk to do with anything?

This sentences can help you during your next incentives in Spain

Every country has its own sayings, popular myths and particular expressions. We would like to bring you nearer to our Spanish ones – which also vary from region to region, so you will find also expressions from Galicia, Basque Country, Balearics or Catalonia. Esto es la leche – this is the milk! A quite popular one throughout Spain, its meaning can be positively (this is amazing) or negatively (this is staggering). Using simply “la leche” normally means “wow”! So come and discover Spain’s milk. Tomar el pelo – take the hair! In England someone would be pulling your leg. Commonly known as joking Vale un ojo de la cara – it costs an eye of the face! Mostly something very expensive – depending on where you are it might cost you a new mortgage; in some parts of the world an arm and a leg. We all have our priorities… Sometimes it costs an egg in Spain (vale un huevo); equally expensive than the eye. Un huevo – an egg! This you say when the request made by someone is not realistic and you will so not do whatever he asks you.

Absolutely ESpain DMC in Spain provides all you need for your event or incentives in Spain inclusive with the local language that a normal guide can’t explain!

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